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Buck Master Taxidermists specialize in deer. The bigger the better. We love this season, because we love to see what our customers bring thru the door. We offer unlimited choices of poses and styles. If you can imagine it, we can create it.We use only the newest styles of forms and offer you a choice of just about every form manufacturer in the world. We use white based Competition eyes on every mount.......the best that money can buy. We do quality tanning. Every mount we send out is bug proofed with environmentally safe green insecticides so it is safe for you and your family.We use a bonded ear method that will never seperate or break. We naturally texture the noses. We offer wall mounts, wall pedistals, floor pedistals at any height and offered in many wood choices.
We use only the highest quality backboards for the mounts, with the following choices in woods: barnwood, laminants, cedar, white oak, red oak, and maple. If you don't see it here and you want it, we can get it. Got a big deer this season? You better bring it to Buck Master.