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Awards for Buck Master Taxidermy
Over the years, Buck Master Taxidermy has been on the recieving end of numerous State, Regional, National, & World Awards. Jerry has also been named to many Boards and as a Competition Judge in many events.Below we have listed a partial list of them.
World Awards

   1st Place in World Competion / Judges Choice

   1st Place in Breakthrough Magazines World Competition

People's Choice 

   Best of Category in Game Heads
   Best of Category in Mammals
   Best of Category in Fish
   Best of Category in Birds
   Best of Catergory in Reptiles
   Best of Category in Habitat
   Best of Category in Original Art

   1st Place Eagle Award / Florida Outdoor Show
   1st Place People's Choice Award / Florida Outdoor Show

State Competitions/ Alabama/ Georgia / Florida / South Carolina / North Carolina

   1st Place in All 5 States and Best of Category.

Regional Shows / Competitions

   1st Place at Piedmont College Regional Competition

Georgia State Taxidermists Association Board of Directors for 8 Years

Served as Georgia's Taxidermy Association Competition Chairman

Ga State Taxidermy Association Boards "Director of the Year Award"

McKenzie Distinguished Taxidermists Award

RineHart Distinguished Taxidermists Award

Award of Excellence in Deer, Fish, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, & Habitat.

Over 225 Ribbons ( State, Regional , National, & World).